You are cruising around in your convertible when BAM, some knuckle head slams into the side of your beautiful, well, scratch that, your now junk vehicle. At first, you are dazed and think that this must be a horrible dream, but as the stars clear from your vision and you turn your head to the side, the whiplash injury is already setting in. This isn’t good and you know it. The person that caused the collision is sheepishly waving and calling out, “I didn’t see you! You just came out of nowhere! Maybe you should get something bigger and brighter next time.” As if it was somehow your fault they failed to stop at the red light or yield at the turn about. You exchange insurance information and call your¬†chiropractor.

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The last thing you want to deal with is the damage done to your car. Within a few days, the adjuster will come over and write you a check, as well as total out your vehicle and give you a brand on your title, making it clear that you are now the unhappy owner of something salvaged. The passenger door doesn’t even open anymore and the window is in a zillion pieces inside of it as you had them rolled down when you were hit. What is left of your heated side view mirror appears to be some frayed wires and a bent piece of scraped up plastic. You want nothing to do with this car anymore. It is complete and utter garbage and if you could take it to the dump even if you had to pay hundreds of dollars to do so, you would. Fortunately for us, the dump won’t let you drop it off, and luckily for you, we will pay you money in order for us to take it and recycle it.

Doesn’t that sound more enticing? Plus, you are doing the world around you a favor instead of adding to another land fill.
Salvage titles devalue your vehicle and so many potential buyers cringe when they find out you aren’t trying to sell something clean. No matter how pretty it looks now, its history report screams out, “This is trash.” At Junk Car Cleveland, brands don’t frighten us away. In fact, we will be more than happy to pay you cash for it on the spot and tow it away for free. You may be wondering why we would be interested in such rubbish. Allow me to explain. Crushing cars does a number of things. It takes up less space, obviously, but the metal can be scrapped and reused. On average, 65% of cars parts are steel and iron. There is a very high demand for this and it totals over 76 million tons every year. Not to mention that reusing old metal actually uses 74% less energy than it would take to create it brand new. Recycled metals are also more sought after because they cost less, as there is no fee to pay for mining more ore involved in the pricing.

Once we crush your car, it will be torn apart and cut into tiny pieces and then divided by metal type. Your scrap vehicle will ultimately be shipped all over the world in thousands of pieces and maybe one day, it will be used in the very frame of your future vehicle. Call us now to talk with someone about getting that unwanted 2,000 pound paperweight out of your life.