Where to Junk a Vehicle Cleveland

Many people ask where to junk a vehicle in the Cleveland area, well Cleveland is considered to be “The Rock and Roll Capital of the World” thanks to the Rock and Roll Hall of the Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. It is the place to go in Cleveland if you ever want good music.
We are the place to go if you ever want good cash for selling us your car. There is no place better to go to junk your vehicle than us.

The process requires returning tags, license plates, and removing favorite possessions. But even after all this, you still have to make sure the car goes to a good place that will give you significant cash for your junk vehicle.

Where to Junk a Car Cleveland

Where to Junk a Car in Cleveland

Where do you go to junk a scrapper? That’s a good question. There are numerous places all over the city of Cleveland to junk your car. And they will probably tow your vehicle—though some may not. And they may even pay you cash, but the amount they pay will differ from ours. The cash they promise you will be different from what they actually pay. By the time they arrive in your yard to tow your car, they will leave less money in your hands than they promised. You might have been promised $1,000, only to get $800, or $600 only to get $320, etc. What you get will not match their word. Sadly enough, a lot of car companies are about this. They want your junk automobile, but will not do what it takes to please the customer.


We do exactly what we promised as promised. When we promise we’ll be there at whatever time, we will be there. When we promise you a price for your car, we will deliver as promised. We do everything on the straight and narrow so that you can know how serious we are in doing business with you.


We need your cars. Without you selling us your cars, we could not thrive as a business. There are many car businesses all across the city of Cleveland as well as the state of Ohio, and you could choose any of them to sell your car to. We realize that, should we not supply what our customers need most, they will go somewhere else to get what they want. Where to junk your clunker? The places are endless and you can go anywhere you want to go. You could research all the places you’re interested in and then choose where you would like to junk your vehicle.


And you don’t have to choose us. You don’t have to come into our place and choose us as the place where you want to junk your scrap vehicle. However, at the same time, we want your business. We want you to come to like our fair pricing, and our desire to educate you at every stage of the junk car process.


Call us today for the best experience you ever had!