Removing your Junk Vehicle in Cleveland


If you want to remove a junk vehicle in Cleveland you have come to the right place. Most Cleveland residents have done very little background on their own city and know very little trivia about the place they call home. We decided to do a little research to aid us in this endeavor. Did you know that city of Cleveland was named after a Revolutionary War General, General Moses Cleaveland? The city itself was to be originally spelled like the General’s last name, but a newspaper editor had to cut out a letter of the last name in order to print a story. As a result, he cut out the “a” from “Cleaveland” and left “Cleveland.” The name has been what it is ever since. Cleveland has a Revolutionary War history that adds to its identity.

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The NBA team the Cleveland Cavaliers has also been a signature feature of Cleveland life. The mascot itself, the Cavalier, is of French origin and refers to a horseman (the French word chevalier meaning “horse”). Later on in America’s battle with the English, the word “cavalier” came to mean a loyal support of King Charles I. When the Cleveland team adopted “Cavalier” as their mascot in 1970, the reason supplied as to why the team should adopt the name was that “The name Cleveland Cavaliers represents a group of daring, fearless men whose life’s pact was never surrender, no matter the odds.” Even the name of the Cleveland NBA team has an origin, a history.


And in the same way that Cleveland has a history, and its sports teams have a history, so do we. We have a history. From the beginning, we’ve always had a knack for selling things. The car business became a huge niche for us because we could sell and buy and help others while helping ourselves. It became a perfect way for us to provide a service that has customer demand while also helping car businessman and other car dealers who may need junk vehicles for various purposes. We have also had a few knocks and bumps along the way that have ended in failure. We have had our time to mourn those and have learned from them in the best ways we could. Those failures, though, have prepared us to be where we are today, doing what we’re doing today. We wear our “battle scars” proudly because without them, there would be no successful Junk Car Boys business.


We know how to junk an automobile, as well as how to remove cars. We supply our own towing service whereby we can remove an owner’s car by the owner calling us, setting up a time, and having us come by, pick the vehicle up, while placing cash in their hands. When we remove your scrap vehicle, we will not charge you towing fees. We are aiming to get your business, and the last thing you need is extra fees. We are interested in supplying a free towing service because you are important to us, and we need your business.


If you want to junk your clunker, and need to remove your car, please feel free to contact us, to ask any questions that you have. Like a cavalier, we will be loyal and helpful, from the time you first call us until the sale is complete.

In these trying times in which people often disappoint, let us be the car company that won’t. If you need to remove your car, give us a call or visit us online.