How to Junk your Automobile in Cleveland


You might be wondering how to junk a vehicle in Cleveland, Well Cleveland is named after General Moses Cleveland, a ranking officer in the American Revolutionary War. Cleveland chose the spot in Ohio that he thought would be a great place for settlement, and drew up the plans for the creation of a city. The city was identified as “Cleveland” (without the “a”) and still bears the name of its founder today.


With all the American Revolutionary history running through the veins of the city of Cleveland, we are proud to serve the city’s citizens. Remember, we too, like General Cleveland, desire to lead the car revolution. To this end, we would like to help our customers understand the process of how to junk a scrap vehicle.

How to Junk a Car Cleveland


The first step in how to junk your vehicle with us is to remove all the personal paraphernalia from the vehicle. Anything from old car key chains, to worn-out wallets, headphones, old CDs and cassette tapes, to old receipts, change in the car pocket, cigarette lighters, cell phone chargers that no longer work, floor mats, car deodorizers, windshield scrapers, car lubricant liquids, spare tires, etc. All these things should be removed from the car before the car is towed and then junked.


The next step is to take care of car registration. To do this, you will need to turn in your license plate and car title. By so doing, you are giving up your right to own the vehicle; you are essentially saying that you are no longer the car’s owner anymore and that the car is no longer in operation. Since the car title and license tag are only needed for operative vehicles, you must give it up because the vehicle that once owned the license plate and car title is no longer working.  In order to accomplish this step you need to remove your plates and return them to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

We specialize in buying vehicles and then paying the customer money.  The most money we can get the customer is what we will strive for.  Why call a junk place to scrap your automobile?  I will tell you why.  Not only do we offer the most cash in town, but we thrive in customer service that works and tries their hardest to get you what you are looking for.

If getting your pockets full of money is what you want, you have come to the right place to get that done.  We operate in and around the Cleveland area, so you don’t have to worry about the out of town companies trying to scam you.

Some other buyers might give you a nice quote, but, their intentions on paying you that is zero to none.  They will give you a high price just to get you to quit calling around, then once they show up, they will tell you that you are missing parts or the parts you do have, they will tell you are not the original parts.


Call us today so that we can give you a straight up honest quote over the phone.